Industria 4.0: tecnología y conocimiento en automatización y control

Innovation, leading the way towards Industry 4.0.

We work alongside our clients to broaden the frontiers of technology and knowledge in automation and control… >>>

Know how para optimizar instalaciones industriales

Knowledge, our know-how at our clients’ disposal.

Our greatest contribution is transferring to our clients the knowledge and experience we have acquired in our field of expertise… >>>

Wetron: Procesos productivos más eficientes y fiables

Commitment, successfully completing automation projects together.

We work hard and constantly engage with our clients so that together we can successfully complete our common… >>>

Instalaciones productivas más fiables, con mejor control y costes menores

Advice, in every phase of engineering and production.

We work with our clients in every engineering planning and project production phase, sharing our knowledge and experience so that… >>>

Gestión integral de proyectos de automatización y control

Teamwork, everyone working with a single vision.

At WETRON automation technology, we offer industry comprehensive management of automation and control projects worldwide… >>>

Flexibilidad y adaptación a estándares de automatización

Flexibility, we constantly adapt to every project’s requirements.

Once we accept a task, we are able to undertake large-scale projects and to adapt to the different standards and demands required… >>>

Diseño e implantación de soluciones para la automatizacon de procesos industriales: líneas robotizadas, AGV

Trust, committed professionals with over 40 years of experience.

Since 1975, our reason for being has been to design and implement solutions to automate and control industrial processes.