Smart Technologies – Industry 4.0

Technological innovation is one of the most important values of WETRON automation technology, and has lead, during the past years, to the fulfilment of different projects related to the Industry 4.0., with the objective of improving productivity, flexibility and connectivity of the automated installations of our customers.

WETRON automation technology provides solutions in the integration of different technologies, such as:

  • Cobots – collaborative robots
  • AGV – automated guided vehicles
  • Robotics Store – mobile logistics robots
  • Tecnología RFID (identification devices)
  • Digitalization and Virtualization of Installations

In consonance with technological innovation, appears in WETRON Rubí (Barcelona, Spain) a new “expertise centre” with the purpose of developing the activity and sharing the experiences and knowledge about collaborative robots and their integration with the WETRON Group. This initiative is denominated WECOBOTS By WETRON.

Sistemas de transportadores para manutención e intralogística

Conveyor systems for product handling and intralogistics

Líneas robotizadas (soldadura, prensa, manipulación, encolado y ensamblaje

Robotic lines and cells (welding, press, handling, gluing and assembly)

Instalaciones de tratamiento de superficies (lavado, pintura y ceras)

Surface treatment systems (washing, painting and waxing)

Infraestructuras (iluminación, potencia, climatización y redes)

Installation of factory systems (lighting, power, HVAC, networks)

Sistemas de Gestión de la Producción (MES), trazabilidad y visión artificial.

Production control and management solutions (MES, traceability and artificial vision)

mandos inteligentes con PLC integrado para carros automotores. Electrónica de control para automatización de electrovías

WETRON products

Smart Technologies – Industry 4.0.